Clinical Informatics

eHealth Clinical Leadership, Design & User Experience Specialists

We help healthcare organisations improve patient outcomes through better utilisation of health technology


Our highly specialist ehealth team are able to leverage extensive international experience, along with intimate local knowledge, to help optimise the delivery of health ICT for your organisation


We help to select, develop and implement ICT solutions that can improve the safety of healthcare services

Better Quality

Empowering clinicians to continually improve the quality of care with better data, knowledge and decision tools

More Efficient

Optimising the delivery of healthcare using well designed, carefully implemented eHealth solutions

More Effective

Helping to organisations implement patient-centric solutions that can lead to improved clinical outcomes

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Our Approach

Clients consistently choose ASE Programme Management consultants because:

  • Our motivation is adding genuine value and delivering tangible and sustainable benefits
  • Our collaborative approach concentrates on working in partnership with our clients and transferring meaningful skills to their staff – we specialise in unlocking and enabling delivery capability within your business
  • Our best-practice certified consultants have extensive delivery and change management experience and minimise costs through working closely with our clients
  • Our services are supported by ASE toolsets and solution accelerators that we tailor to meet business needs
  • We are supplier and technology agnostic, providing independent “client side” consulting

Our Programme Management practice covers all aspects of portfolio, programme and project management and delivery and our services can be requested at any point in the lifecycle.