Benefits & Evaluation

Identifying, measuring and evaluating benefits from healthcare programmes and interventions


We work with health organisations to identify, measure and evaluate the benefits of programmes and interventions

We use proven public health evaluation techniques combined with benefits realisation best practice to plan, optimise and review healthcare interventions.

Are we doing the right things?*

Do we understand the quality, safety, efficiency and health outcomes we are seeking from the programme?

Are we doing them the right way?*

Does the programme or intervention meet the clinical, technical and quality standards we expect?

Are we doing them well?*

Are the right things being delivered? Do clinicians and patients understand their role in delivering the benefits?

Are we getting the benefits?*

Do we have evidence that we are improving things? Do clinicians and patients understand the benefits?

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Benefits Identification & Planning

Benefits Maturity Assessment & Development

Inflight Benefits Measuring & Monitoring

Independent Review & Evaluation

A Benefit is a measurable improvement resulting from an outcome which is perceived as an advantage by a stakeholder

APMG Managing Successful Programmes

Benefits do not just happen. They don’t just automatically appear when a new technology is delivered. A benefits stream flows and evolves over time as people learn to use it

John Thorp 2003: The Information Paradox

“If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.”

Mark Friedman - Results Based Accountability

Evidence Based & Clinically Assured

ASE Consultants are clinicians and implementation specialists who understand the complexities of health settings.

We combine our health experience, evidence from the literature and direct measurements from implementation sites, with local knowledge gleaned through consultations with clinicians.

The results are outcome measurements that clinicians can trust and the ability to identify any changes required to meet clinical expectations.

Holistic approach to benefits realisation

From patient bedside through to community economic impact, our team can help identify, estimate and track benefits across stakeholders.

Our clinically trained consultants have experience evaluating the financial, non-financial and wider societal benefits from programmes, project and other interventions in primary, acute and tertiary care settings.

We are able to develop relevant qualitative and quantitative metrics to support implementations. Our team are experts at selecting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely measures to monitor the performance of services and solutions.


Logical, Value Based Approach

Whether you’re developing your business case, planning or implementing your programme or reaching closure, ASE are able to offer specialist support for benefits management

Our tools and techniques can help develop more robust business cases, design and deliver better project outcomes and support organisations to stay on track and maximise cost-effectiveness.

We develop benefits strategies, frameworks, comprehensive logic maps, benefits profiles, benefits review plans and can complete detailed evaluation and data analysis as required.

ASE Clinical Benefits Framework

ASE understand the complexities of delivering business transformation projects in health settings.

With clinical experience, training and experience in public health, clinical benefits management and extensive involvement in large scale eHealth projects; our skilled consultants adopt a clinical continuous quality improvement process with an adapted version of the APMG certified ‘Managing Benefits’ framework (APMG2013).

Our consultants work within a best practice clinical framework to investigate clinical outcomes, facilitate change and deliver benefits. We continually evaluate projects and aim to provide managers and project teams with practical insights and recommendations.

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*John Thorp Information Paradox 1999 & 2003 ‘Four Ares’ as applied to healthcare