Kakuma ZubaBox

What is a ZubaBox?

ZubaBox is an internet connectivity solution that is mobile, solar-powered and easy to set up. The concept was created by Computer Aid International and is designed to work anywhere in the world, requiring no wired internet or (mains) electricity supply.

Telehealth for Refugee health

In 2012, ASE Consulting funded a ZubaBox for medical use by the African Medical & Research Foundation (AMREF) at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya.  ZubaBox is a solar powered ICT hub fitted into a shipping container, designed to provide low power computing solutions to communities that do not have access to mains electricity or ICT.  As a self-contained unit that is powered by solar, the ZubaBox can be deployed to the most rural and isolated communities anywhere in the world.

AMREF provide healthcare across Africa including at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Turkana District in the northwest region of Kenya where more than 80,000 refugees reside.  Cholera outbreaks, HIV/AIDS, and malnutrition are challenges faced by the population and access to specialist hospitals is limited. AMREF flies in volunteer doctors to the camp when possible, however the isolated location and lack of infrastructure represent significant barriers to providing specialist healthcare.

Thanks to ASE Consulting’s sponsorship, AMREF have been able to continue their work with Computer Aid to deliver a telemedicine project which provides doctors with access to specialists anywhere in the world through ICT.  The ZubaBox will allow medical staff within the camp to email medical notes and digital photographs of critically ill patients for expert clinical diagnostic support from experienced professional clinicians hundreds of miles away, therefore bringing healthcare to the most remote people.

The ZubaBox/Telemedicine project will also enable Kakuma-based staff to access information and e-training needed for improved healthcare provision helping to overcome electricity, networking and ICT issues.

ASE Consulting strives to ensure that our social responsibility matches our world class consultancy, we strongly feel that the ICT industry has much to offer to improve access to healthcare for others.  The ZubaBox and Telemedicine project aligns with both ASE’s organisational and employees ethos and are an ideal platform to utilise ICT to help thousands of people in a very remote part of the world access specialists who can provide expertise and a fast diagnosis.

I’m excited to have this ZubaBox. I had a drewm of having staff being empowered by computer use. I wish all our entire staff, including the support staff, have access to such technology. We are the first hospital to have this in arid Kenya and that makes us feel we [are] elevated and connected to the world. Education is the key to good productivity. Our clinicians feel empowered and can research and also learn a lot. The ZubaBox will help connect medical experts with the remotely located hospitals as well as practitioners in the medical world. Thanks to AMREF, Computer Aid International and ASE Consulting.

Sister Raeli Mwendwa Kakuma Hospital, 14th November 2012