McNeil Medical Centre – Uganda

The McNeil Medical Centre was established by ASE and our charity partners Uganda Logde to create a new medical facilty in the remote Ruhanga district, to the south of Uganda

The remote Ruhanga district in the south of Uganda has a high child and youth population and is a significant distance from primary, secondary and tertiary health care.

ASE have provided funding to build the McNeil Medical Centre, a self funding private, not for profit  enterprise.  ASE continues to provide funding and support for The McNeil Medical Centre to achieve its vision of creating a sustainable community run health clinic in the Parish of Ruhanga, Uganda in order improve the health and well-being of the people in the area. ASE are supporting local clinical and non-clinical staff to implement and embed systems and processes to ensure the highest standard of health care and health outcomes are achieved.

ASE Consultants are instrumental in:

  • Project management and governance- ASE consultants are project managers for the Medical Centre sharing skills with local staff.
  • Local leadership – ASE consultants continue to support and motivate key “champions” as local leaders to drive sustainable change and adoption.
  • Collaboration and communication- bringing together local communities, Ministerial departments, clinical and non clinical staff and NGOs to achieve a common goal.
  • Design and prioritise solutions, building stakeholder support and capacity to implement.

What we supported the Medical centre and staff to achieve:  

  • Provision of primary health care for local people.
  • Services to support the Ministry of Health (MOH) public health priorities of the second National Health Policy (NHP II), health promotion, disease prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of disease.
  • Provision of immunisations for all school children in the surrounding school districts.  On-going objective to ensure all children are immunised from common childhood diseases.
  • Training of local health staff and volunteers in clinical and administrative roles.
  • Provision of HIV/AIDS, hygiene and family planning disease prevention and education activities.